Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Welcome to Lakeport

First, before I talk about the move, I must take a moment to thank all of our friends and family members who helped make this move possible. Without help packing, driving, and unpacking the Uhaul this move would have been impossible. We have been so blessed this past week.

On Tuesday we spent 8 hours packing the truck! Living on the top floor of a four story building with a VERY slow elevator does not make for easy packing. But, we had help throughout the day and could not have done it without everyone pitching in. (Again, thank you!) That night we stayed at my folks house, and the next day my dad left at 5 AM with the truck. The rest of us (Emad, Mom, Dakota, and Sergio) followed him a couple of hours later. After 8 hours of driving, we stopped for the night in Sacramento. Midday on Thursday we arrived in Lakeport.

The Uhaul leading the way.
Thursday and Friday were a whirlwind on excitement. We unpacked the Uhaul in just over an hour, went to Walmart, fixed up the house, thrift shopped, and many more things. Having the family here for the first couple of days was so wonderful!

Now with everyone gone the house is quiet and life is slow. On Saturday we went into town to see the annual seaplane festival. It was fun to see how many people came to look at the planes, watch them take off and land, and cheered them on in their water bottle dropping competition. While there I overheard a woman talking about a fire and pointing at a column of smoke rising from behind a hill.  
After getting home I googled it and found out that a wildfire had started while we were at the festival. Thankfully it is not too close and would have to become massive in order to really effect us. As of today, the fire is 100% contained on 98 acres! Hurray!

In the midst of the excitement of festivals and fires, we are settling into a routine. I will blog more about the house as soon as some more boxes are unpacked. Stay tuned!

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