Friday, October 18, 2013

Retreat Weekend

Today I am leaving on a women's retreat with a church that I have only gone to twice. To say that I am nervous is a huge understatement. I do not know who I will be carpooling with, rooming with, or if I will make any friends at all. And, I have to do this all on my own without Emad (yikes!). This is the first thing that I have done by myself without Emad since moving here (besides grocery shopping, etc.).  I hope that I meet some nice people! Wish me luck!

On a side note, below is my favorite painting from this week.

And lastly, I was rummaging through boxes this week and found these fun pictures on a cd. This trip was almost three years ago with my dad and sister (Jane). We went cross country skiing for three days at Rock Creek (near Mammoth). Enjoy the random pictures! 

Iciest & scariest drive of my life!

Snow in the desert????!!!

The road was impassible, so we had to snowmobile in!

Dad got to ride on the back of the snowmobile! (COLD!)

Jane was super excited to have a heater/stove in our cabin...

And so was I.

Jane's face is kind of funny, but the sun in the back is gorgeous!

Our little cabin was amazing!

At the lodge they had hot drinks 24/7.

And the lodge also had AMAZING food for every meal!

Falling is not fun when you have two REALLY long skis on.

So happy to be "home" again!

Jane trail blazing.

Dad trail blazing.

A frozen lake.

Again, another night of amazing food!


  1. Hahahaha you put like EVERY picture up :) That was a fun trip!

    1. I couldn't decide which ones I liked, so I put them all. :)

  2. Did you have fun? Did you enjoy carpooling? Do you like your roommates?