Monday, October 21, 2013

The Ocean

This past weekend I got to go see the ocean! I do not remember ever going to the ocean in Northern CA, so I didn't know what to expect. When I got there I was a bit disappointed. It was windy, cold, overcast and gloomy; nothing like the beaches in Southern CA. But I could still smell the salt air, and that is what I really missed!

It was so cold, I wore my boots!

A dead jellyfish!  

The beach pictures above are lovely in their gloomy, grey hues. But what I really miss is sunset over the cliffs of San Clemente!


  1. It is true, there is such a difference between the beach down here and the beach up there. Hopefully you can learn to like that one a little bit! Is it far from you? Hoping your week is wonderful in a crafty, cooking, and friendly people sort of way!