Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Twenty Things I Love About Lakeport

1. Wild Turkeys roam the roads. WILD TURKEYS! (I had never seen turkey before moving here)

2. Deer roam the roads. DEER! EVERYWHERE!

3. Everything I could possibly need is 5-7 minutes away.

4. That 5-7 minute drive is right by the most beautiful lake ever!

5. The sky is blue and clouds are white. Nothing is grey. Unless it's a rain cloud.

6. When I hear a siren, I know that I can look at the news in 30 (ish) minutes to find out what is going on.

7. When I hear a helicopter it means either (1) there is a fire or (2) someone is getting airlifted to a hospital. No more nights of helicopters circling our house with their lights in our windows! And again, I can look at the news in 30 (ish) minutes to find out what is going on.

8. Night time is dark and quiet. No people shouting in neighboring apartments or houses.

9. If I hear a gunshot, I do not worry. It's probably just some kids in the field across the street.

10. If I hear 12 gunshots, I still do not worry.

11. Strangers wave as they drive by.

12. There are about 10-15 restaurants in town. Deciding where to eat out is so much easier!

13. You meet the friendliest people at the Post Office. And the wait is always about 3 minutes, not 30 minutes.

14. Date nights consist of going to Safeway to buy groceries and get a Starbucks coffee while we shop.

15. I have only filled up my gas tank twice since moving here. I used to fill up twice a week!

16. There is a Middle Eastern Restaurant here!

17. People have fireplaces and wood stoves. And they use them!

18. Trees and vineyards change colors. VINEYARDS! They are beautiful!

19. Wineries and Farms are 10-15 minutes away.

20. There is a lake.

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