Monday, October 14, 2013

I Am A Homesick Housewife

I love being a housewife. It is so rewarding to wake up at the crack of dawn (sometimes before dawn!) with Emad to pack his lunch and make his breakfast before he leaves the house. While he is gone I get to do crafts, bake, clean, and relax. And then when he gets home, the smell of dinner greets him at the door. For months, while working full time I longed to be this kind of housewife. However, I couldn't have imagined the quietness that comes with being a housewife. I am so blessed and thankful to have a husband who supports me being a housewife, but somedays I wish my friends lived down the block and would come over and craft with me.

I fear that homesickness is setting in. 

At Palos Verdes Friendship Park for My Birthday Picnic!


  1. I miss this!!!!!! --and by this I mean all 3 of us together! :) ..I thought that was me! lol, what a fun day!