Saturday, October 26, 2013

Every Week A New Adventure

This week has been full of quality time with new friends and lots of house cleaning. In our old apartment I never noticed dirty countertops, crumbs on the floor, or towels that needed to be washed. Back then I worked/commuted A LOT and wasn't home enough to get bothered by these things. Now that I am home all day, these things seem to constantly call my name. They are begging to be cleaned, vacuumed, etc. As loudly and urgently as they call, I have been able to pull myself away a couple times to spend some quality time with new friends.

My first outing this week was rather hilarious. My new friend/surrogate mom while I'm in Lakeport took me on a bike ride. I have been dying to get out and ride around Lakeport. When Emad and I moved, we took two bikes with us; my big, old, red beach cruiser from when I was a teenager and a mountain bike from my parent's house. The roads here can be kind of rough and hilly, so I thought I would take the mountain bike. But unfortunately, on the morning of the bike ride the mountain bike's gears decided not to work. So, I had to take "Big Red". I huffed and puffed behind my friend as she road swiftly on her road bike. As I peddled furiously behind her, I enjoyed the sunrise over the lake and dreamt about my old, grey road bike that I road in college. Ah, the good ole' days. 

Thankful my next adventure didn't involve "Big Red"! Yesterday, I got to go to a new donut shop in town and to the farm with my friend and her five kids. The new shop in town, Susie Q'S Donuts, has the freshest and most delicious donuts that I have ever had (Yum!). Then we went to Renker Farms and ran through the corn maze (my first time). At Renker Farms they have a year round farm stand and I was so happy to get some local honey and fresh fruit.

My last adventure of the week was to the local high school's Bass Bowl last night. It is an annual football game against a rival high school. The game is unique because they are playing to win a wooden Bass (fish) trophy and after every touchdown they shoot a civil war cannon. It was a fun game, but unfortunately our team lost. 

I have been so blessed to meet amazing people here! And, I love any excuse to get away from the housework. 

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