Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall is Here!

Fall has come to our fireplace and mantle! This is my absolute favorite time of year. And, to make it even better, some friends from LA are coming up to visit us in a couple of weeks!! In preperation for our friends' visit, I went to the store yesterday and bought four perfect pumpkins to carve. I put the in front of the fireplace for the next couple weeks. And, I think that they are adorable all lined up. What do you think?

I Love Pumpkins!

And, here is a closer look at our messy little mantle.
My Dad found this HUGE perfect acorn on a walk while he was here.

(1) The Sign says, "The Elias' Est. 2013" (from the OC Fair). (2) The wreath is homemade from thrifted items. 
I love the color on this little pumpkin. The leaves are from Dollar Tree.

(1) Picture from our wedding.  (2) Book of short Stories. (3) Apple Pumpkin Candle that smells JUST like Fall.
Wedding picture with Emad's brothers and sister in laws (almost). 
At the end of my last blog post I mentioned that I have been doing laundry in the tub. We have laundry hook ups here in our house, but we are saving up to actually buy the washer and drier. I was going to a laundromat in town every couple of days but it just wasn't worth the cost. Each small load in the washer cost $2.50! I was so outraged at the cost that I would just bring the clothes home and hang them up to dry. On my last trip to the laundromat there was a man obviously on drugs (or not all there mentally) throwing boxes around and yelling at everyone. I am scared that someone will steal my clothes, so I always sit inside (so I got yelled at). After this experience I told Emad that I am no longer going back. So I did some research online and learned that you can do laundry at home for a fraction of the cost and much more better for the environment. I am waiting to receive my mobile washer (basically a plunger), but in the meantime I have been stomping on my clothes to get them clean.

My clothes are in the bucket!

Warning: Washing clothes by hand (or feet) is a very good workout, and should only be attempted by those willing to haul around a super heavy bucket full of clothes and water! 

In other news, my desk area is becoming much more homey!

Next time I will show you all the arts and crafts I have been doing lately. 

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