Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Morning Routine

We all have a morning routine. Do you stumble out of bed, disregard your slippers or your freezing toes, and head straight for the coffee machine? Or, do you lay in bed and leisurely read the news (aka. Facebook) while your preprogrammed coffee machine sends wafts of delicious smelling coffee all through your house? Or, do you wake up alert, slip on your slippers, and pour yourself a big cup of OJ (refusing the coffee). We all have a routine. It may not be the same everyday, but it's routine.

At our house, weekday mornings are a rush! Upon hearing the alarm, I leap out of bed, and rush to the kitchen to get Emad's breakfast and coffee made, and lunch packed. The other morning, while speeding through the kitchen, I left a cupboard open and ran my forehead right into it! I still have a red mark from the cupboard. That is what I get for trying to be awake before my morning cup of coffee. I am a slave to my morning cup of coffee.

The best type of morning at our house is today; a weekend morning. Because of the early weekday mornings, I am unable to sleep in. So, I get up early cook a big breakfast, blog, watch TV and drink a leisurely cup of coffee. There is nothing as enjoyable as a leisurely cup of coffee.

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