Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fresh Bread Soothing My Soul

There really is no other smell like that of fresh bread being baked. For our wedding we got a bread machine, and I have tried so many recipes for bread without any success. Finally, yesterday I found a recipe that goes against all the bread machine's rules and makes the lightest, most delicious loaf of bread I have ever had. We ate the whole loaf yesterday so I am making more today!

October has been a historically hard month for my extended family. Over the years, this month has been marked with tragedy. As I sit and crotchet (in my "new" rocker), thinking of old and young family members who have gone to be the Lord this month, I am comforted by the smell of a fresh loaf of bread baking. Why is the smell so therapeutic?

Yesterday I found an old rocker at the thrift store and couldn't resist buying it!

Rocking and crocheting with the smell and anticipation of fresh bread. This is the life!

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