Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hotel Life

It is day three of "hotel life". For the past couple of days I have been sitting in a hotel room entertaining myself while Emad is at work training. Spending the last couple of days here has made me so thankful that I have a home to go home to. But, there are some perks of living in a hotel.

1. I can turn the heater up as high as I like and I don't have to worry about the electricity.
2. Bottomless free coffee!
3. Free breakfast
4. Cable TV
5. I can make a mess and someone comes in and cleans up after me.

Despite all the perks, I am ready to be home! I am a hopeless homebody, who can not stand being away for too long. I think that these past weeks have been the longest I've been away in a very long time. Last night over dinner, I was thinking about how much I missed home when I realized that we locked ourselves out. Whoops! Wish us luck getting back into our home tonight!!

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